Aneurysm clips

"Sugita Clip" is a leading brand of cerebral aneurysm clips distributed throughout the world. Not only unrivalled high clip quality, a plentiful assortment of shapes and sizes are available. Titanium version is a second generation Sugita Clip.


100% hand made in Japan

  • 50% less Spring thickness.
  • A slim blade design with tapered tip.
  • The industry's widest blade opening.
  • Effectively widening the contact area and improving grip force.
  • T2 are made of non-ferromagnetic material verified by ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3.
  • They may be used without influence by MRI up to 4 Tesla.
The T2 clip is available in a wide variety of blade shapes, length and angles.

Fukushima Keyhole appliers

Fukushima appliers are designed for superior visibility and performance.

Design benefits:

  • Low profile
  • Unique grip design
  • Excellent balance
  • 14 shapes and angles for precise procedural match

Surgeon friendly:

  • Ultra low profile allows optimum visibility of operative site
  • Supports precise placement of Sugita clips
  • Meticulously milled jaw grooves help secure large and mini clip sizes