Hyaluronic acid fillers

 Revolax is a revolutionay South Korean HA filler that guarantees exellent results and long lasting. Made with cutting-edge technology, Revolax has unattainable features. Available in 3 types - Fine 1,1 cc, Deep 1,1 cc and Sub Q 1,1 cc. For maximum patient comfort, Revolax contains 0,3 % Lidocaine. Across is a proven global leader in dermal fillers manufacturing. For more information, please visit




Epitique is exquisite HA filler, contented for safety with the nine essential process:

Safety of raw ingredients managed in exclusive lines;

High purity HA content for duration and prevention of swelling;

High viscoelastic for excuisite lift up;

Homogeneous particle implementation technology to complete exquisite molding;

No detection of residual chemical catalyst substance through the complete crosslinking process;

Aseptic manufacturing environment to prevent side effects;

Less than 0,1 EU/ml  of Endotoxin;

Minimizes pain with the same PH and osmotic pressure as the human body;

Optimized injection pressure for exquisite procedures.



Breast implants

BellaGel are silicone breast implants manufactured by HANS Biomed, which owns the largest tissue engineering research laboratory in South Korea. All raw materials in BellaGel are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The implant has successfully passed more than 20 chemical and physical tests, which exceed the US and EU standarts several times. BellaGel has a very thin and sturdy 6-layers sheath that protects the implant from deformation , gel leakage and rupturing. The implants have a lifetime warrantly.






Polydioxanone (PDO) threads

MINT Lift is a lifting thread made of dissolvable material polydioxanone (PDO) with 360, 3D helical barbs to pull and fixate skin tissue. Developed under patented molding pressed technology (patent No.:CPCTP11-0007), the helically positioned 360, 3D barbs have high tensile and anchoring strength to provide superior results. As we get older, our skin suffers substantially. Loose skin creates sagging and bags which are difficult to fix. Face lifting is the only way to permanently rid of these issues. MINT Lift provides a revolutionary type of facial rejuvenation without surgery. HANS Biomed is a long-standing leader in the production of polydioxanone threads and offers MINT Lift in all continents. MINT Lift includes MINT Easy 43 cm, MINT Fine 15 cm, as well as MINT Mono, MINT Mono Screw, MINT Twin and MINT Twin Screw with thread sizes from 4 cm to 15 cm.






Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy consists of microinjections of pure hyaluronic acid into the superficial dermis. The mesotherapy rejuvenates the skin by increasing both hydratation and fibroblast activation that stimulates the production of collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid. The skin regains its former radiance, tone and elasticity. In this way, the treatment reduces the effects of aging on the skin through its rejuvenating action.

Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) mesotherapy is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that harnesses salmon DNA to repair and renew at the cellular level to achieve younger-looking skin. It also improves skin elasticity , texture and hydratation. Our cells naturally have DNA repair enzymes, however, they don't work as well as we age.



Scars treatment

Scar Clinic is a remarkable silicone product that effectively treats scars - linear, wide-area, keloid, hypertrophic and stretchmark. Manufactured by HANS Biomed that is a global leader in bioengeneering and developing of silicone products and tissue. Scar Clinic secretes concentrated oxygen to the scar and helps regeneration of cells as well as restore the elasticity of the skin. It comes in 4 types: Scar Clinic Clear, Scar Clinic Thin, Scar Clinic Areolar and Scar Clinic Gel.

Scar Clinic Clear is a 1.5 mm thick transparent silicone sheet. It can be washed and reused approximately 2 weeks. Scar Clinic Clear blocks vaporisation of moisture more effectively compared to Scar Clinic Thin. Wound healing process demands large amount of oxygen. Concentrated oxygen to the scar inhibits anaerobic bacteria that could cause infection. Scar Clinic Clear is ideal for use after cesarean section, skin burn, open surgery, laparoscopy, skin grafting, skin excision, etc. Available sizes - 5x5 cm, 6x10 cm, 10x12 cm, 12x15 cm and 4x12 cm.

Scar Clinic Thin is a 0.45 mm thick silicone sheet. It has UV protection, is waterproof and with outstanding hydration. Through the stronger adhesion and mor flexibility compared to Scar Clinic Clear, Scar Clinic Thin fits better for the face and the joints. Its surface is made of thin and flexible polyurethane that makes it invisible over the skin. Scar Clinic Thin offers patented protection against coloring and cancer, caused by the ultraviolet rays. Scar Clinic Thin is ideal for use after lazer treatments, thyroid surgery, laparoscopy, etc. Available sizes - 3x7 cm, 3x11 cm, 7x7 cm and round 3 cm in diameter.

Scar Clinic Areolar is a 0.45 mm thick silicone round sheet. It is especially developed for scars after areolar incisions. The silicone sheet adheres naturally on tender breasts and it is ideal for wearing underneath bra. Scar Clinic Areolar is engineered to minimize the corrugation when rubbing. It comes in only one universal size with 2 cm internal diameter and 7 cm external diameter.

Scar Clinic Gel is a transparent silicone gel. The advantages of silicone gel include easy administration, even for sensitive skin and in children. Scar Clinic Gel can be applied for an irregular skin surfaces, the face, moving joints and it is suitable for any size of scars. The silicone gel reduces itching and discomfort, even protects the scar from bacterial invasion. Scar Clinic Gel increases hydration of the stratum corneum and thereby regulates fibroblast production and reduce the collagen production. It results into softer and flatter scar. Scar Clinic Gel comes in packs of 10 cc and 20 cc.