Titanium aneurysm clip

The new titanium aneurysm clip Sugita T2 embodies Mizuho's never-ending commitment to product quality and patient safety. It offers exellent biological compatibility, durability and wear resistance for permanent implantation. Independent, third-party tests, using FDA and ASTM standarts, prove Sugita T2 clips to be MR-safe to 4 Tesla. Made of unsurepassed Japanese quality and using cutting-edge technology, Sugita T2 clip has unattainable technical parameters.





Dural substitute

ReDura is made of FDA approved Poly-L-lactic acid. It shows exellent prevention of CSF leakage and tissue adhesion. ReDura demonstates outstanding efficacy and safety for the repair of dural defects. The biomimetic structure of ReDura resembles to the microstructure of the native dura, providing an appropriate environment for dural cell growth, proliferation and migration. It fully degrades and absorbs within 1 year post implantation.







Anti-adhesion gel

Anti-adhesion gel HyFence is indicated to prevent or reduce the post surgical adhesion. It is a biocompatible, absorbable transparent gel, composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. HyFence is available in different volumes - 1,5 cc, 3 cc and 5 cc.





Cranioplasty requires the use of innovative titanium plates and 3D meshes, which should be easily modeled on skull bends and extremely strong. Osteonic proudly meets these high demands with Optimus system, thanks to its cutting-edge development and manufacturing power, coming from its key personnel with in-depth knowledge and experience of more than two decades.







Hydrocephalus shunt system

Sphera Duo shunt systems are developed for a precise control of the intracranial pressure. The valves are made of transparent medical grade silicone with internal structure in polysulfone. Sphera Duo comes in 3 sizes - neonatal, infantile and adult. All sizes are supplied in 4 pressure ranges - high, medium, low and extra low.







 External vetricular drainage system

External ventricular drainage system is indicated for the reduction and temporary control of the intracranial pressure by CSF drainage.






Spinal fixation

Spineart is a swiss medical devices manufacturer, focused on developing and promoting safe and efficient solution for spine surgeries. It offers anterior cervical fixation, posterior thoracolumbar fixation, interspinous spacer, cages, etc.







Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

Easynject vertebroplasty and RenovaSpine kyphoplasty are minimally invasive procedures, used to treat painful vertebral  compresion fractures. Both systems involve injecting a bone cement into the vertebral body.

The kyphoplasty includes a balloon catheter that inflates the vertebra to restore its height, then the bone cement is injected.







Bone cement

Osteopal Plus is a radiopaque, low-viscosity bone cement, used to fill and stabilize vertebral bodies with an extended application time.